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Build better products with AI-powered research

Our AI Research Assistant augments product teams, using automated conversations to collect customer insights at scale.

ūüĎč Hello, nice to meet you! ¬†I‚Äôm Arro, an AI research assistant built to help modern teams make better product decisions.

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Unlockproduct opportunities while you sleep

Conduct user interviews with thousands of customers at the same time, then sit back and we’ll generate product opportunities which you can bring directly into your roadmap.

How it works

Arro helps product teams get to know their customers at scale

The old way represents a choice between moderated interviews happening on Zoom and lasting for hours, and unmoderated interviews as surveys where the insights are low quality.
The Old Way

Gathering rich qualitative data at scale is difficult. User interviews are high signal but costly to run. Surveys are quick to spin up but the insights are low quality. This leads to a 'research gap’ and teams stop learning from their customers.

The Arro way displays an AI-led chat where the user says "I'd like to be able to quickly get started by using pre-built templates. That would save me a lot of time!" Then the AI replies "That's amazing feedback! We'll send this to our product team. Thanks for your time."
The Arro Way

Arro is a new way to collect customer feedback which doesn’t force you to trade off between scale and quality. Our innovative AI-led methodology ensures that you get the depth of user interviews at the speed and scale of a survey.


Check out the future of product research

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Templates & Smart start

Get started in just one click

Setting up your AI-powered conversations is a cinch. You can pick from a selection of templates or write a one sentence prompt and we’ll build the entire end-to-end flow for you.

Link share and embeddings

Continuous discovery

Each conversation on Arro has a unique link which you can send send to your customers by email, text or otherwise. Embed the conversation on your website or web app, we'll cover that through our secure web snippet which is coming soon.

Secure and safe

An AI that you can trust

Arro has built-in safeguards to ensure that our AI sticks to the script. It's powered by OpenAI, the most secure large language model. We also allow you to train the AI on your support content or website, enabling more accurate conversations by adding more context.

team focus

Built for collaboration

It's easy to create and invite teammates to dedicated workspaces. This makes it simple to share learnings across the organisation including reports and individual insights. Arro was built with collaboration in mind so that research studies never get left on the shelf again.

Conversational UX

Intelligent conversations

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Arro focuses on creating engaging conversations with customers. This leads to increased empathy, encouraging longer and more detailed responses.

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Tone of voice

Choose how you'd like the AI to speak with your customers. You can keep it casual or select a formal tone to match your brand and company positioning.

Globe icon

Arro speaks over 50 languages out of the box. This allows you to share your conversations with customers all around the world.


From personal opinions to product insights

Our Analysis feature uses the latest developments in AI to synthesise insights from the micro to the macro, all done in seconds.

Go through the raw interview transcripts to learn exactly what was said by respondents
Read through a summary of the conversation to learn about the key points
Pull out direct quotes from conversations with the respondents
Identify the primary themes across all of the interviews conducted
Discover the main actionable recommendations which you can take based on the study
Coming soon
Dig deeper into the individual responses that ladder up to specific recommendations